[rt-users] 3.4.5 Bulk ticket update: Custom fields?

JB Segal jb at smarterliving.com
Tue Feb 21 17:48:57 EST 2006

Quoth JB Segal (jb at smarterliving.com):
> Is there any way to update custom fields on a pile of tickets at once?

Alternately, is there any way to edit CF's on the command line?

The book says that the commandline deals in TicketSQL (see Chapter 3),
and chapter 3 says "You can search for custom field values in the same
way as standard ticket attributes. Simply prefix the name of the custom
field with CF. to indicate to the TicketSQL parser that you are
searching over a custom field:
 (status = 'open' OR status = 'new')
 AND CF.Visibility != 'private"
(Page 46)

To me, this implies that CFs should be editable, too.

When looking at the query builder, I see that my CFs are listed as
"CustomField.{Field Name With Spaces}"
When I try to modify a ticket with
rt edit ticket/####
and I'm handed the edit screen into my editor, adding
CF.{Field Name}: True
CustomField.{Field Name}: True
CF.Field Name: True
CustomField.Field Name: True
CF.Field\ Name: True
CustomField:Field\ Name: True
all yield syntax errors.

Any ideas?

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