[rt-users] VMware player RT anyone?

Vivek Khera vivek at khera.org
Wed Feb 22 11:35:59 EST 2006

On Feb 22, 2006, at 6:24 AM, Rainer Duffner wrote:

> The FreeBSD5.4+postgresql combo has been working here flawlessly  
> for almost a year - and almost from the start.

For a long time I ran a hand-installed RT on a hand-installed perl +  
mod_perl on FreeBSD 4.10.  Recently we purchased a dedicated box  
(Dell PE 1850 w/ hardware RAID and 1GB RAM) for RT and its postgres  
database.  Everything was installed via the FreeBSD ports and using  
FastCGI.  It was nearly trivial to install it this way and migrate  
the data was also trivial with postgres dump + reload.  Downtime was  
about 5 minutes.

Which brings me to my question: has anyone updated the port to  
3.4.5?  Autrijus seems to be MIA and is not returning emails, and it  
has been a while...

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