[rt-users] how do i customize the default RT at a glance page globally?

k b k_b0000 at yahoo.se
Thu Feb 16 14:35:41 EST 2006

(i have asked about this before, but didnt get any
answer, so i will try again).

The original question was:
the RT at a glance page can be globally edited
following the instructions found here:

those worked.

n the same manner i tried to change the content
(showed columns)  of "10 highest priority tickets
I own", when i did that the content changed but no
tickets showed up for the users even though there
were tickets.

is it possible to change the default content of
"10 highest priority tickets I own" or "10 newest
unowned tickets", and if so, how?

Then i was asked if i could specify what i did

Here is my answer:
on the RT at a glance page, i would like the "N 
highest priority tickets I own"
to display:
Created (relative)
Started (relative)
Due (relative)

i did change this for the root user, and then executed
the following SQL:

update attributes
set content=
 (SELECT content FROM attributes where id='7' and
  objectid='12' and name='Pref-RT::Attribute-1' )
WHERE id='1'
and description='[_1] highest priority tickets I own';

the query actually only needs the id-columns in the
where clauses, the extra where criteria are there only
for human redability.

in other words, i copy the content from the root user
to the content of the system settings.

after  i have done this, all users will see the
correct layout of "N  highest priority tickets I own"
but no one will see any tickets they own.

the question still remains, how can i change the
default layout of "N  highest priority tickets I own"?


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