[rt-users] getting nowhere with User_Local.pm and with no logs to go on

Matt Ostiguy ostiguy at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 14:25:45 EST 2006

Running the unstable debian RT package on apache 1.3.34 modperl 1.29. Only
changes I have made are to RT_SiteConfig.pm , and installing User_Local.pm
as I aspire to having active directory ldap derived user creation.

The problems:
1. Getting absolutely nothing logged in /var/log/request-tracker3.4

Dropping @LogToSyslogConf = ( socket => 'inet' ) unless (@LogToSyslogConf);
into RT_SiteConfig.pm did not make any difference

2. LDAP auth does not appear to be attempted -

[Wed Feb 22 16:16:35 2006] [error]: FAILED LOGIN for eeee from (/usr/share/request-tracker3.4/html/autohandler:191)

Which appears to be a failed local logon attempt, not an ldap attempt.
I am not seeing anything on my AD server that would indicate any requests
hitting it.

Any ideas? Do I need to include the User_Local.pm somehow? I have it
installed in both


Toggling the debug flag in it did not increase any logging output anywhere
in /var/log

# RT_SiteConfig.pm
# These are the bits you absolutely *must* edit.
# To find out how, please read
#   /usr/share/doc/request-tracker3.4/INSTALL.Debian
Set($rtname, 'rt.f.q.d.n');
Set($Organization, ' domain.com');
Set($CorrespondAddress , 'rt at domain.com');
Set($CommentAddress , 'rt-comment at domain.com');
Set($Timezone , 'America/New_York'); # obviously choose what suits you
Set($DatabaseType, 'mysql'); # e.g. Pg or mysql
# These are the settings we used above when creating the RT database,
# you MUST set these to what you chose in the section above.
Set($DatabaseUser , 'rt');
Set($DatabasePassword , 'rtpassword');
Set($DatabaseName , 'rtdbname');
# try to get logging working
@LogToSyslogConf = ( socket => 'inet' ) unless (@LogToSyslogConf);
Set($WebPath , "/rt");
Set($WebBaseURL , "http://rt.domain.com");

# Ldap Attempts
Set($LDAPExternalAuth, 1);
Set($LdapServer, "ad.dc.goes.here");
Set($LdapUser, "rt");
Set($LdapPass, "password");
Set($LdapBase, "dc=domain,dc=com");
Set($LdapUidAttr, "uid");
Set($LdapFilter, "(objectclass=*)");
Set($LDapTLS, 0);
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