[rt-users] I spoke too soon...

Phil Smith III lists at akphs.com
Thu Feb 23 15:21:57 EST 2006

When I try to associate a Custom Field with a Class, I now get:

System error
error:  	Can't locate object method "HasEntry" via package "RT::CustomFields" at /opt/rt3/share/html/RTFM/Admin/Classes/CustomFields.html line 81.
77:  	# Go through and delete all the custom field relationships that this class
78:  	# no longer has
81:  	if ($ClassCFs->HasEntry($cf->Id)) {
82:  	unless (defined $ARGS{"Class-".$ClassObj->Id."-CF-".$cf->Id} ) {
83:  	my ($val, $msg) = $cf->RemoveFromClass($ClassObj->Id);
84:  	push (@results, $msg);
code stack:  	/opt/rt3/share/html/RTFM/Admin/Classes/CustomFields.html:81
raw error

I managed to get it happier by deleting the Mason cache manually and restarting everything, but now when I try to add a custom field to a class, I get the RT Custom Fields dialog -- and my RTFM custom field doesn't show up.  Help!


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