[rt-users] Why apache server can't interepete the PerlModule in the configuration file?

Chaim Rieger chaim.rieger at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 15:45:08 EST 2006

zhou jian wrote:
>         Test::WWW::Mechanize ...found
>         Module::Refresh 0.03...found
> MYSQL dependencies:
>         DBD::mysql 2.1018...MISSING
> Thanks for all your helps. I got this problem fixed. I
> guess that there are something messed with my machine.
> I restarted and httpd -k start the httpd server. It is
> working right now for http://localhost. So I can fix
> most of the remaining missing modules. Right now, I
> got  stuck only on the last module. DBD::mysql.
> The error message is:

here is how to solve this

down load the source from cpan.org

unaip it,

modify the Makefile, then run perl Makefile.pl

or just pass the mysql parameters inline when running perl Makefile.pl

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