[rt-users] System error

zhou jian sunzhoujian at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 27 19:16:02 EST 2006

You are a genius. I trusted too much about $35 dollar
book. Please take a look at the system error below.
What type of permission should I give to /opt/rt3/var.
I installed everything by default with root user. Hope
it is the last one.

System error
error:  	mkdir /opt/rt3/var/mason_data/obj: Permission
denied at
line 102
265:  	# whether they should generate a full stack
trace (confess() and cluck())
266:  	# or simply report the caller's package
(croak() and carp()), respectively.
267:  	# confess() and croak() die, carp() and cluck()
269:  	sub croak { die shortmess @_ }
270:  	sub confess { die longmess @_ }
271:  	sub carp { warn shortmess @_ }
272:  	sub cluck { warn longmess @_ }
code stack:  	/usr/local/lib/perl5/5.8.8/Carp.pm:269

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