[rt-users] statistics query

joseph kacmarcik joe at earth.care2.com
Tue Jan 17 12:42:16 EST 2006

> [Kelly F. Hickel] Also, I've looked at this and can't sync that query up
> with the source.  Joseph, can you tell us which report in RTx:Statistics
> you're using to generate that query?

this is just the 'Tickets per Day' target under RTx-Statistics. i did 
try changing the allow_deleted_search to no avail.

in the file "./lib/RT/Tickets_Overlay.pm" @line 1390:

RT adds Status != 'deleted' until object has
allow_deleted_search internal property set.
$tickets->{'allow_deleted_search'} = 1;
$tickets->LimitStatus( VALUE => 'deleted' );

i do want deleted tickets in the results, but changed to 0 and also 
changed $tickets->LimitStatus( VALUE => 'deleted' ); to 
$tickets->LimitStatus( VALUE => '' );.

whether i restart apache or not, the query is not changed and results 
are all zero for deleted tickets.

thanks for looking into this!

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