[rt-users] Q: How to build a ticket query that uses custom fields

Pau Montero Parés pau at imente.com
Tue Jul 4 04:22:54 EDT 2006

El 04/07/2006, a las 1:48, Gilmar Santos Jr escribió:

> Hi,
> Yes. First select the queue(s) and "add", then all custom fields  
> related
> to those queues appear and you can adjust the query. "add" and  
> search ;-)
> 3.6 has a shortcut button "add and search". great button!

This is a nice tip! I have a 3.4.1 instalation and everything works  
like a charm except the customfield searches. A CF.{value}='yes' has  
a time to display of 99.041657 sec. I supose that this is a mysql  
problem but I didn't find anything odd.

ObjectCustomFieldValues has 2057 rows and 5 indexes:

PRIMARY: id (cardinality 1802)
TicketCustomFieldValues1: CustomField ObjectId Content (cardinality  
TicketCustomFieldValues2: CustomField ObjectId (cardinality 1802)
ObjectCustomFieldValues1: Content (cardinality 901)
ObjectCustomFieldValues2: CustomField ObjectType ObjectId  
(cardinality 1802)

Is this an innoDB problem? any suggestions?

Pau Montero Parés

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