[rt-users] User's Owned Tickets show incorrect URL string forsubject

Kevin Murphy murphy at genome.chop.edu
Wed Jul 5 16:47:23 EDT 2006

Josh Barron wrote:
> At the very least could someone point me in the right direction to where
> the page is generating that URL string?  Maybe I could try to debug it
> from there?
> Also, to Kevin, are you running version 3.6.0?
Yes, I'm running 3.6.0.

It appears to be a bug in etc/initialdata, but that gets loaded into the 
database (by rt-setup-database) when RT is installed, so that doesn't 
directly help us.


@Attributes = (
    { Name => 'Search - My Tickets',
      Description => '[_1] highest priority tickets I own', # loc
      Content     =>
      { Format => "'<a 
ct', Priority, QueueName, ExtendedStatus",
        Query   => " Owner = '__CurrentUser__' AND ( Status = 'new' OR 
Status = 'open')",
        OrderBy => 'Priority',
        Order   => 'DESC' },

it looks like "$RT::WebPath" should be "__WebPath__"

I'm sure an RT guru could pretty easily delete the 'Search - My Tickets' 
record from the attributes table in the database and then re-insert the 
above record using a modified etc/initialdata file, but I don't know how 
to do it safely without spending time reading code.

I'm just talking out of my ^%# here, so I may be totally wrong on any or 
all of the above comments.

Kevin Murphy

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