[rt-users] RE: LDAP issues with new install

Sean W. Mahan smahan at smwm.com
Wed Jul 5 16:57:16 EDT 2006

Well, this first message to the list has been a complete success - it
works!  My issue ended up being that we have a separate OU set up for
our users/employees (the AD setup predates me, here, and I'm clearly not
as up on AD ins and outs as I should be).  So I had to set my $LdapBase
to 'OU=Domain Users, DC=corp, DC=com', and the $LdapFilter to
"(objectclass=User)".  Incidentally, though, I do have to specify the
domain of the user performing the LDAP lookup, or I get an Error 49.
Anyway, lots of "Thanks" to Eric, Jim and Steve,


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I don't think your lookups are working.  The user you specified in
RT_SiteConfig.pm probably can't search the LDAP tree. 

Try "Set($LdapUser, '[user]');" in your RT_SiteConfig.pm (without the
"@smwm.com").  Make sure you have the correct LdapBase setting. Check by
looking at a user record on your AD in the Object tab.  If it is
smwm.com/Users/<user> then your current setting should be OK. 

Also, unless you're getting a dump of the LDAP record, your ldapsearch
isn't working either. 

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