[rt-users] User's Owned Tickets show incorrect URL string forsubject

Gilmar Santos Jr gilmarsantosjr at safernet.org.br
Wed Jul 5 19:42:23 EDT 2006

Kevin Murphy escreveu: 
> Yes, my problem (and probably Josh's) is that the attributes table
> entry where name is 'Search - My Tickets' exists and has a content
> column populated with the mimed/frozen version of the seemingly bad
> content data in etc/initialdata.
> If I replace that with the mimed/frozen version of the "fixed" version
> of that record in etc/initialdata, then the "N highest priority
> tickets I own" display is correct.
That's absolutely right!
I've just looked the "Format" field of attribute 'Search - My Tickets'
and the $RT::WebPath was replaced by the actual value, so things would
break if I changed this value (the database wouldn't be upgraded).

To solve the problem its enough to remove from database the wrong
version of the registers, modify the initialdata (replace $RT::WebPath
by __WebPath__ and erase all other things) and run rt-setup-database
--action insert --datafile <modified-initialdata> :-)

Where can I report this bug to authors? (Since they are subscribed to
this list.. is it necessary? :) )

Gilmar Santos Jr

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