[rt-users] User's Owned Tickets show incorrect URL string forsubject

Kevin Murphy murphy at genome.chop.edu
Wed Jul 5 17:08:57 EDT 2006

Gilmar Santos Jr wrote:
> But RT allows users to customize the search format display (it's a per
> user configuration), and it may be the problem's source.
> If it is, then these configurations must be deleted. (DELETE FROM
> Attributes WHERE Name = 'SearchDisplay', in MySQL, may in PostgreeSQL
> too, but i'm not sure :) ). Use this with caution, *all* user's
> SearchDisplay will be deleted and the default (set in RT_Config.pm, or
> overridden in RT_SiteConfig.pm) used.
Yes, my problem (and probably Josh's) is that the attributes table entry 
where name is 'Search - My Tickets' exists and has a content column 
populated with the mimed/frozen version of the seemingly bad content 
data in etc/initialdata.

If I replace that with the mimed/frozen version of the "fixed" version 
of that record in etc/initialdata, then the "N highest priority tickets 
I own" display is correct.

-Kevin Murphy

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