[rt-users] Query tickets login?

Gilmar Santos Jr gilmarsantosjr at safernet.org.br
Thu Jul 6 09:56:37 EDT 2006

Roy El-Hames escreveu:
> I am still investigating how to trap the session end .. anyone any
> ideas ?? but once its known you can update that row with logoff time

Things would be much easier if users clicked logout button.. but someone
can just close the browser. I think there's a maximum idle time
permitted to the session, after that if a connection attempt is made
then user needs to login again.
The problem is that RT is activated by the webserver, so to detect the
end of sessions there must be a stand alone tool running periodically...
There exists a tool to "purge old sessions" in the wiki. Some few
changes to it could insert a logout row in the table...
The stand alone tool with a change in the execution flow of the logout
proccess can achieve what you want ;)

Gilmar Santos Jr

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