[rt-users] import-1.0-to-2.0.pl dates are getting lost during migration (e.g. date_created => Created)

Jodok Ole Muellers rt3-jolemuel at eu.uu.net
Fri Jul 7 03:45:48 EDT 2006

Looks like downgrading to DBIx-SearchBuilder-1.01  solves the problem.
I can't tell exactly right now cause the migration or 52.0000 tickets is 
still running and takes days. I am wondering if it is possible to
run import-1.0-to-2.0 do to incremental migrations (e.g. by commenting
out everything except MigrateTickets and MigrateTransactions
and use a "select * from each_req where id > $where_we_last_stopped" ?

On Tue, 4 Jul 2006 17:08:56 +0200
Jodok Ole Muellers <rt3-jolemuel at eu.uu.net> wrote:

> Hello,
> PROBLEM: import-1.0-to-2.0.pl does not keep correct dates and requestors (e.g. date_created )
> WANTED: patch for import-1.0-to-2.0.pl or rt-2-0-0

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