[rt-users] RTFM html location and initDB problem

Brooks, Travis C. travis at slac.stanford.edu
Fri Jul 7 21:41:14 EDT 2006

I've just installed RTFM (2.2rc2 with RT3.6) and the make install dumped
the new html/ directory in my /opt/rt3 directory.  In order to work, I
need to put the html in either /opt/rt3/share/ or /opt/rt3/local/, both
will work, of course, but which should I do?

If I put it in share, presumably upgrading RT will neccessitate
re-installing RTFM, but local will mean that upgrades to RTFM stand a
chance of overwriting local customizations.  Neither of these seems
optimal.  I note that it dumped the perl into /opt/rt3/lib, not
/opt/rt3/local/lib, but since the makefile didn't seem to understand where
to put the html, I'm not sure it knew where to put the perl.  Does anyone
have any experience with this, or advice.

Possibly another way of asking the same question is when doing perl
Makefile.PL, should PREFIX be /opt/rt3 or /opt/rt3/local?

Finally, while doing the same procedure, I noticed that
/inc/Module/Install/RTx/Factory.pm -> RTxInitDB seemed to need an extra
argument in @args to work correctly with a password when updating the
database.  I posted the modification in response to another question on
this list, but it is:

* Needed to make the following change in their
  my @args = (
        "-Ilib", "-I$lib_path",
        "--action"      => $action,
        "--datadir"     => "etc",
        "--datafile"    => "etc/initialdata",
        "--dba"         => $RT::DatabaseUser,
        "--dba-password" => $RT::DatabasePassword,    #<- Tcb added this
line-otherwise password rejected

Without this modification rt-setup-database failed, it did not prompt for
the password, it just complained that there was none.


Travis C. Brooks
SPIRES Scientific Databases Manager
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

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