[rt-users] Hardware upgrade v3.0.10 to 3.60

Tony Graziano tgraziano at myitdepartment.net
Sat Jul 8 12:07:17 EDT 2006

I have now updated the schema/acl/db from 3.0.10 to 3.6.

The prior mysql db was running MyISAM. Updating the schema using the
provided upgrade scripts did not work properly as a result.

I did a mysqldump

/usr/bin/mysqldump --user=rt_user –-password=rt_pass --add-drop-table
--opt --skip-lock-tables --single-transaction
--default-character-set=binary --databases rt3 > /home/rt3/rt.sql

dropped the database and changed all the server types from MyISam to
InnoDB with a text editor and saved it.

If your database is very large, the dump file may be too large to fit in
your text editor. If so, you can use a batch editor like sed to make the

I added 
SET AUTOCOMMIT = 0; to the beginning of the dump file, and add the 
command to the end. 

"By default, autocommit is on, meaning that each and every insert
command in the dump file will be treated as a separate transaction and
written to disk before the next one is started. If you don't add these
commands, reloading a large database into InnoDB can take many hours."

I edited the /etc/my.cnf file to read

innodb_data_home_dir = /ibdata1

restarted mysqld

then I made sure the database was gone and I imported the sql file

mysql --user=rt_ser --password=rt_pass < /home/rt3/rt.sql

This took longer then a normal import because of the way innodb writes
the db files.

by looking at 

ls -l /var/lib/mysl

during the import I was able to determine the data was importing, I had
about a 600MB attachment table, and could see it progress. Once the DB
was imported, I restarted msqld for good measure. The first time it may
take a while to initialize the innodb.

Now I can login to RT.

I'm having an issue still with any email coming in to the system not
being received by RT. Sendmail is giving a "user unknown" for every
message in its log files.

I've tried everything I can find in the wiki.

Any suggestions?

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