[rt-users] Resolve Tickwt with one Click

Norton, Ian i.norton at lancaster.ac.uk
Mon Jul 10 07:41:09 EDT 2006

Hi Rod, 

> Checking the Wiki I didn't see any mention of a method to 
> Resolve a Ticket ( within RT ) with one click - no comment no 
> submit changes button.  Just Resolve the ticket.
> And even better would be that only the Owner could do this.  
> Anyone else would be, given their permissions, sent to the 
> normal Comment/Resolve page or error page.
> I could do this via a separate web page but it would be a 
> good-thing to do it from within RT.
> Looks to be a customization of the Ticket Display page and a 
> custom action.
> Anyone done this?

Assuming you havn't already resolved this issue....

I did something similar for moving spam to a SPAM queue and
setting it to status deleted.

Create a local/html/Callbacks/Ticket/Elements/Tabs/Default:

if($Ticket) {
$actions->{'just-resolve'} = { title => loc('Just Resolve'),
          path => 'myhacks/JustResolve.html?id='.$Ticket->id };

$Ticket => undef;
$tabs => undef;
$actions => undef;

This adds the 'Just Resolve' option to the list.

Then create local/html/myhacks/JustResolve.html:


my $TicketObj = LoadTicket($id);


$m->comp('/Ticket/Display.html', id => $id);


$id => undef

This performs the work when you hit 'Just Resolve'.

You'll now need to patch the ticket modification page to make
sure that it goes back to the $RT::WebPath when you go back to display:

--- share/html/Ticket/Modify.html       2005-04-18 02:44:23.000000000 +0100
+++ local/html/Ticket/Modify.html       2006-02-23 09:28:41.000000000 +0000
@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@
     Title => loc('Modify ticket #[_1]', $TicketObj->Id) &>
 <& /Elements/ListActions, actions => \@results &>
-<FORM METHOD=POST ACTION="Modify.html" ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data">
+<FORM METHOD=POST ACTION="<%$RT::WebPath%>/Ticket/Modify.html" ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data">
 <INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME=id VALUE="<%$TicketObj->Id%>">
 <& /Elements/TitleBoxStart, title => loc('Modify ticket #[_1]',$TicketObj->Id),   color=> "#993333", width => "100%" &>

I can't remember the exact reason this was needed now.  I think it
was something to do with the comp('Ticket/Display.html'...) trying to
go to myhacks/Ticket/Display.html.  Try without and you'll see the error.

Restart your web server and you should now see a 'Just Resolve' option
listed along with the standard Reply, resolve etc...

I've pieced this together from the stuff I have, so there might be
the odd typo.  Sorry for not seeing your post earlier :)

Regards, Ian.

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