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>      Hello,
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>      Will that leave too many other linked tables with data that is not
>      linked? Is that why we should use RTx-Shredder?
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>      Simply put, yes :)
>    However is this a bad thing? I mean if there is data in the database that
>    I do not want and is associated with an ID number that does not exitst
>    does that matter?

Yes, it can break the WebUI. For example, attempting to load a ticket that contains a link to another ticket that has been removed from the database causes the web interface to dump an error which prevents you from accessing the existing ticket. Ruslan would have to confirm this, but I believe that Shredder will remove the link in the existing ticket when the referenced one is deleted from the database. 

Based on my experience restoring stuff from Shredder's sql dumps, I can confidently say that when it removes a single ticket from the database, many SQL actions occur. From this, I gather there is much more complexity involved than the situation I describe above.

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