[rt-users] 3.6.0 speed improvements

Niels Huylebroeck niels at bubbles-it.be
Fri Jul 14 06:29:21 EDT 2006

Mike Taht wrote:
> After installing 3.6.0 I noticed a significant apparent speed decrease
> vs 3.4.5.
> Basically, at least with my mod_perl based install, it was doing 15+
> HTTP GET'S - to fetch the current web page, the graphics, and the CSS.
> I fixed that in two ways.
> 1) Fedora Core 5's Apache, at least, is disabling keepalives by
> default for some reason. I turned it on. Now a single apache process
> handles all the requests. Big speedup.
> # in httpd.conf
> KeepAlive On
I've now also turned this on, thanks for the heads-up hadn't noticed
this before (I run Centos 4.3 and it's disabled by default too)
> 2) Still, it was fetching all those files on every request, and
> arguably the only one that ever changes is the main web page. So I
> turned on:
> ExpiresActive On
> ExpiresByType text/css A3600 # expire in an hour
> ExpiresByType image/png A3600
> ExpiresByType application/x-javascript A3600
> ExpiresByType image/gif A3600
Note to others who might try this and get configuration error : remove
the comment from text/css line this is what generates the configuration
> Cut the number of requests per page down to 2 - and the total amount
> of tcp packets on a typical rt page as measured by ethereal by about
> half. User visible performance especially over the internet to my
> co-lo site was markedly improved.
> Now in this latter thing I only wanted to put in for NoAuth subdirs
> but thus far I haven't convinced .htaccess to work for these subdirs.
This is probable because of the AllowOverride None directive in your
<Directory> block for RT.
You should probably place the ExpiresActive directives in another
<Directory> block for the /NoAuth directory or set AllowOverride All
(dangerous I think !)

> Is there a better way to do this?
I've found that if you disable js and css completely from Mason parsing
it should give even faster results.
Using your techniques I got back to the speed I had with using this trick :

Alias /NoAuth/js /opt/rt3kvb/share/html/NoAuth/js
Alias /NoAuth/css /opt/rt3kvb/share/html/NoAuth/css

Of course this does give some bad output here and there but if you
really want speed you could probably overlook this if the RT is for
inside usage only.

Jesse :
If you could give an educated guess if disabling the js and css from
mason completely would actually impair functionality or stability ?
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