[rt-users] Q: can one add an additional column to the "RT at a glance" screen?

Timothy Smith tsmith at loc.gov
Mon Jul 17 16:35:11 EDT 2006

John H. Nyhuis (cabal at u.washington.edu) said:
> I would like to add a "requestor" column that displays the 
> requestor of the the ticket on the "RT at a glance" screen.  I don't want 
> to make core changes to RT that would prevent me from upgrading it in the 
> future.

Hack Elements/MyTickets. IIRC, it's a blindingly easy hack (just editing a formatting string) and the front page is generated in a completely different (and customizable) manner in 3.6, so just throw it away when you upgrade and you won't have to maintain it.


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