[rt-users] inconsistent main page links

Timothy Smith tsmith at loc.gov
Tue Jul 18 09:36:19 EDT 2006

This happened to me with the links to Search/Results.html in the headings of the boxes on the front page depending on whether I accessed the front page as http://lindev/rt (bad) or http://lindev/rt/ (good). A glance at the HTML source confirms that RT is generating relative links. I think there's a bug here somewhere; I'm not sure whether RT ought to force a trailing slash in its URL or stop using relative links.

Tim Smith

>>> Troy Orion Cox <trox at ices.utexas.edu> 07/17/06 5:29 PM >>>
On "RT at a glance", the links to the "10 highest priority tickets I own" seem 
to be broken. the numerical ID links are fine, but the text links are not.
It seems like the WebPath is not correctly appended to the "subject" link.
from my RT_SiteConfig.pm:
  Set($WebBaseURL, "http://myserver.com");
  Set($WebPath, "/rt");



Is this merely a configuration error on my part, or a simple bug?


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