[rt-users] bugreport rt 3.6: search in merged tickets

Sven Sternberger sven.sternberger at desy.de
Tue Jul 18 11:09:54 EDT 2006

On Tue, 2006-07-18 at 10:56 -0400, Jesse Vincent wrote:
> > the merge function in rt3.6 seems to be broken, after merge 
> > I can't find the ticket-id of the merged ticket, 
> Of either ticket or the ticket you merged into another one?
only the ticket which is merged (source)

> Merged tickets should entirely cease to have their own identities.

but if I send a reply to a customer and afterwards I merge this ticket.
What happens when the customer calls me and give me his ticket id? I
have no chance to find his ticket.

> > I can't find the subject,
> > I can't find the content

I think this is valuable information which should be searchable.


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