[rt-users] "Right could not be revoked" from Everyone and Unprivileged

Troy Orion Cox trox at ices.utexas.edu
Tue Jul 18 12:35:36 EDT 2006

There seems to be an issue with revoking DelegateRights and SuperUser 
privileges from the Unprivileged and Everyone system accounts. It has been 
mentioned on this list  before, at the link below. 

Granting and revoking privileges from the Privileged system group works fine, 
it's just the two others that hang up.

In the logs, I have 
[Tue Jul 18 16:21:53 2006] [debug]: RT::User::IsPassword auth method 
IsInternalPassword SUCCEEDED (/opt/rt360/local/lib/RT/User_Local.pm:288)
[Tue Jul 18 16:21:53 2006] [info]: Successful login for root from 
xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (/opt/rt360/local/html/Callbacks/LDAP/autohandler/Auth:46)
[Tue Jul 18 16:21:53 2006] [debug]: RT::Date used date::parse to make 
1970-01-01 21600 (/opt/rt360/lib/RT/Date.pm:212)
[Tue Jul 18 16:22:08 2006] [warning]: User not loaded. 
[Tue Jul 18 16:22:13 2006] [warning]: User not loaded. 

Attempting to delete the rights separately shows the same behavior and log 

Troy Orion Cox

v: 512.475.8638
e: trox at ices.utexas.edu

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