[rt-users] Merge Tickets also.. with search problems

Phanoko phanoko at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 19 12:56:33 EDT 2006

I'm on RT 3.4.4 and have two tickets one number 2000
and one 2005.  These two tickets have been merged;
number 2005 into 2000.  Everything in the comments on
ticket number 2000 I can search for.  Items in 2005
can not be searched for.  

I had a keyword 'planar' in ticket number 2005 prior
to the merge; this is the only ticket with this word. 
When I search for this word I'm not able to find it. 
If I place the same word in tickets #2000 since the
merge it comes up fine in the search.
If I had the work in ticket #2000 prior to the merge
it comes up fine in the search.

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