[rt-users] LDAP working, now the next step

Helmuth Ramirez HelmuthRamirez at compupay.com
Thu Jul 20 08:44:11 EDT 2006

What I ended up doing was use the LDAP auth, and I also imported all my
AD user accounts into RT.  Since only my end users will send us tickets,
they'll be the only ones that can create tickets (no autocreate
accounts) which should help avoid spam.  With this they can log in and
check their tickets (although we're not announcing that to our users)
using their AD credentials.

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Hurrah!  I got LDAP working with Active Directory using the Mosemann
implementation found on the wiki.  It took some tweaking and some trial
and error, but I finally got it working with a Windows 2003 AD server
(which is different than 2000).  If anyone is having problems getting
that far, I think I can be a resource for you.

NOW I have a problem.  I want people to be able to create tickets
without having an account, but then be able to log into the system and
have those tickets associated with their account (by email).

I am currently using the "Auto Create on email, then set password via
Auto Respond" method, which I will need to turn off. Ideally I can have
a replacement for that process that uses LDAP.  Does anyone have any
ideas about how I might accomplish the above?



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