[rt-users] Rights question

Kenneth Crocker KFCrocker at lbl.gov
Thu Jul 20 13:58:30 EDT 2006


	Instead of using "Privileged" or "Unprivileged" at the system or Queue 
level for those rights, use the Requestor Role. Of course, you will have 
to decide where to give them all the ability to "CreateTicket", but that 
can be done at the Global System Group or Queue System Group level.


Stewart Tranter wrote:
> Hello,
> I have the odd situation in that I have a group (Group A) of privileged 
> users who I need to give full read only access to, apart from the 
> ability to reply to cases in which they are the requestor.
> I need all unprivileged users to be able to reply to cases in which they 
> are requestors.
> I have a group of normal privileged users who have full write access to 
> RT, these are in a separate group, Group B.
> Is there a way of specifying that the unprivileged users and Group A can 
> only reply to cases in which they are the requestor?
> Thanks in advance,
> Stewart
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