[rt-users] Bad Directory structure in Linux RPM installation of RT 3.4.5

Mike Friedman mikef at ack.Berkeley.EDU
Tue Jul 25 15:53:23 EDT 2006

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I'm new to Linux, so I may be overlooking something obvious.

I've been supporting our RT (3.4.2) instance on FreeBSD for several 
months.  Now I'm going to be responsible as well for RT in a Linux 
environment.  A colleague recently set up a Linux Fedora FC5 box and 
installed RT 3.4.5 via 'yum', out of the box.  I'm now trying to configure 
it and apply a few mods and customizations that I did on my FreeBSD RT 

But what I've noticed is that the file structure of the RT web tree is not 
right!  RT was installed into /var/www/rt3.  But under that directory, 
instead of /var, /share, /sbin, /local, /lib, /bin and /etc, all I find is 
the root web directory, e.g., l, index.html, autohandler, /User, /Tools, 
/Ticket, /SelfService, /Search, /REST, /NoAuth, /Elements, /Download, 
/Approvals, /Admin and /Callbacks.  So, for one thing, I have no way to 
apply mods or customizations as there's no /local subdirectory.

The person who did the install says he ran it out of the box, using 'yum'. 
He didn't specify any changes to the install locations.

Could someone who is running RT on Linux (especially if it's Fedora) give 
me at least a hint of what's going on?

Meanwhile, I've got RT running, but I'm very limited in what I can do with 
it as far as customization.  I was able to install Jesse's BrandedQueues 
extension;  somehow that install was able to find the top-level location 
of the RT web stuff.  But where is the rest of the RT tree?

BTW:  the RT config files were installed in /etc/rt3 and I am able to 
customize RT_SiteConfig.pm.  Also, the supplied rt scripts 
(rt-setup-database, rt-mailgate, rt-dump-database, rt-crontool and rtacct) 
were installed into /usr/sbin (not under an rt3 directory at all).

This RT instance is intended as a prototype and is needed right now by one 
small set of users.  But in the near future I'll be doing a fresh install 
on a new Linux system, so whatever I can learn from you now could be of 
great value when I get to start over from scratch.

Any help will be appreciated.



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