[rt-users] Auto-create RT-only users when using LDAP?

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Tue Jul 25 16:28:36 EDT 2006


You need these settings in RT_SiteConfig.pm:

### What auth methods do you like and in what order?
Set($AuthMethods, ['LDAP', 'Internal']);

# Should we create accounts for users who aren't in LDAP?
Set($LdapAutoCreateNonLdapUsers, 1);

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I wonder if anybody has any advice about user account arrangements for 
our new (but not in production) RT 3.6.0 (running on Fedora Core 4).

In a nutshell, we want folks who have accounts in our existing OpenLDAP 
tree to be able to have their RT accounts auto-created based on LDAP 
information when they send an email to RT or log in via SelfService. 
This much is working fine, with LdapUserLocalOverlay.

However, we also need to be able to take questions (primarily via email; 
I'm not that concerned about web access) from people who are not 
students or employees.  We don't want to give these people credentials 
in our LDAP system--ideally RT would auto-create accounts for them just 
as if there were no LDAP at work.  As it is now they get an email back 
saying an account couldn't be created for them.

Is there an easy way to set this up?  Or any suggestions for other ways 
to handle this situation? Thanks.



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