[rt-users] repeating email request...

Schultz, Eric ESchultz at corp.untd.com
Wed Jul 26 19:01:30 EDT 2006

We have the exact same problem, with an Oracle backend.  With the exact
same RT instance pointing at a MySQL database, however, there is no

The cause is large attachments.  Something between Perl (with
DBD::Oracle) and the Oracle database itself, it seems.  We have a hard
limit at 1MB for attachments set up, and I wrote supporting code to
check for this constraint in emails as well as through the web
interface, whether it's one file or several smaller ones that total
greater than the limit.

Any way, the problem we saw was that once you start getting up to around
1.5 or 2MB, the MTA would time-out.  So then the email would get stuck
back in the queue.  Eventually, in the backend, the insert would finish,
and you'd see the ticket, but later, the MTA would retry the send.  You
may also notice that the time between duplicate tickets is extended
further and further every time.

To show if this is your problem, try creating a ticket through the web
interface with something like a 5MB attachment.  If this is your
problem, it will take several minutes to complete the transaction.

Eric Schultz
United Online

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> Eric,
> 	What does Oracle have to do with it? We use Oracle.
> Kenn
> Schultz, Eric wrote:
> >> Greetings,
> >> I am using version 3.4.2 of Request Tracker and the system 
> >> has been running fine for that last 6 months.  2 days ago one 
> >> of our end-users sent an email request to our helpdesk and it 
> >> keeps repeating even after we resolved the ticket.  I have 
> >> has to stop the mta to keep it from sending the email  I have 
> >> looked through the archives and and have not found any 
> >> reference to this problem except 1 and it stated to resolve 
> >> the ticket and it fixed their problem.. I really would like 
> >> to open my hepdesk back up but I do not have any idea where 
> >> to start to troubleshoot this problem.  ANY HELP WOULD BE 
> >>
> >> Thanks,
> >> Rueben
> > 
> > Are you by chance using Oracle as your backend?
> > 
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