[rt-users] Changing ownership of a bunch of tickets

Timothy Smith tsmith at loc.gov
Thu Jul 27 14:46:41 EDT 2006

>>> Onkar Singh <onkars at wolfram.com> 07/27/06 2:57 PM >>>
Let us say I have 50 tickets whose owner is "blah" - out of those 20 are 
either open or new. I want to change the ownership of these 20 tickets to "foo". Is there a way I can do this without having to go to each of these 
tickets manually and changing the owner?

Do a search for tickets that are open|new and owned by blah. Scroll to the bottom of the page; click "Update Multiple Tickets" in the bottom-right corner. Check the cases you want to change, fill in "foo" under "Make Owner" (checking "Force" is probably necessary? and in any case won't hurt), click Update.

Tim Smith

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