[rt-users] default refresh rate

Mathew Snyder jokermjs19 at comcast.net
Fri Jul 28 23:29:10 EDT 2006

Mathew Snyder wrote:
> Norton, Ian wrote:
>> Hi Mathew,
>>> Where do I change the default refresh rate from "Don't 
>>> refresh this page" to any of the other options?
>> There isn't a way to do this as a system wide default in the existing
>> configuration.  I extracted a patch from the LDAP overlay at
>> www.mosemann.com
>> to do this:
>> http://www.lancs.ac.uk/~norton/dev/rt/notes.html#20050506__system_wide_c
>> onfigurable_default_refresh_periods
>> This patch works with 3.4.x.  I have an updated version for 3.6.0 but
>> havn't yet
>> updated the docs or tested it in production.
>> Any chance we could see a system wide default refresh period in the
>> distributed
>> config development type peeps?
>> Regards, Ian.
> Thanks, I had found an even simpler solution though.  I added the
> following lines to index.html:
> #  These lines added to change the default refresh interval
> unless ($session{'home_refresh_interval'}) {
>     $session{'home_refresh_interval'} = 120;  # Value in seconds.
> }

So I went ahead and tried to do your patch.  It failed miserably with my
installation of v3.6.0.  Caused all kinds of havoc.  Fortunately I was
able to get everything back to normal without having to rebuild.

I tried your method because I realized it would be a system-wide effect
while my method only covers the homepage.

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