[rt-users] MASON_SESSION_PATH - Win32

David Smithson dsmithson at activsupport.com
Sat Jul 29 03:03:39 EDT 2006

Having never installed RT on Windows, I can only guess that the Apache
installer creates an Apache user account for the Apache service and that
this account must have r/w access to particular directories in the
filesystem ( at least that's what the feedback you get seems to indicate
).  Have you checked that the MASON_SESSION_PATH is writable by the
Apache process?

David Smithson


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Hi David,

Thanks for the reply. But it still am getting the same reply. I think
i need to change the settings in the siteconfig.pm but i do not know
how to do the same.


On 7/29/06, David Smithson <dsmithson at activsupport.com> wrote:
> Just an educated guess that might lead you on the right path: if the
> variable inside @.@ is an environment variable ( I know little about
> Mason ), then you'd set this variable under My
> Computer->Properties->Advanced->Environment Variables->System
> Now, my other guess is that your Apache service is running under a
> account called 'Apache' or something and that this user doesn't
> currently have write access to the path defined in the mentioned ENV
> variable.  Feh.  I could be wrong, but hey, it couldn't hurt to follow
> my logic.
> David Smithson
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> Dear All,
> I am trying to install RT on Win32. Whenever I try to access the RT i
> get this error log in apache as "Can't read and write
> @MASON_SESSION_PATH@". Please loet me know as to where am i supposed
> to set the value for the MASON_SESSION_PATH.
> Details:
> Win 2000
> Apace 1.3
> MySQL 4.0.14
> RT 3.0.12
> Thanks in advance.
> Regards,
> Murali
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