[rt-users] how to mix Internal method just for admin user and ldap method for all other users

reverchon kevin kevin.reverchon at hmg.inpg.fr
Sat Oct 28 05:09:55 EDT 2006


I am a problem :(
I succeed to configure RT to auth users by the classical method. And in 
another configuration, with the documentation on-line, I succeed to 
configure RT to auth users with my ldap (using User_Local.pm, and 
changing RT_SiteConfig.pm and RT_Config)

But I would like to configure RT to authenticate  my admin user (who is 
root and is not my LDAP, and I doesn't want this user in my ldap) by 
Internal method, and  authenticate  my others users by LDAP method. 
Because when I try, just LDAP users can be authenticate, but I can't be 
authenticate with my admin user (root).

Is it possible to mixed the authentification methods just internal 
method for root and ldap method for all other users ? I think that yes, 
and is what somebody would have the kindness to say to me what are the 
parameters  to set .... ?

thank you in advance for yours answers

PS: I am so sorry for my English, I am very bad but I try to improve it ;)
But I hope that I have nevertheless succeeds in rendering comprehensible 
And Just for information, I use Debian Sarge with RT-3.4


[Sat Oct 28 06:58:16 2006] [debug]: RT::User::IsPassword auth method 
IsInternalPassword FAILED 
[Sat Oct 28 06:58:16 2006] [debug]: Trying LDAP authentication
[Sat Oct 28 06:58:17 2006] [info]: RT::User::IsLDAPPassword AUTH FAILED: 
root  <== normal root is not in LDAP 
[Sat Oct 28 06:58:17 2006] [debug]: RT::User::IsPassword auth method 
[Sat Oct 28 06:58:17 2006] [error]: FAILED LOGIN for root from 

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