[rt-users] LoadSavedSearches right and Customize RT at a glance "Available" queries

Stephen Turner sturner at MIT.EDU
Tue Apr 3 17:06:34 EDT 2007

At Tuesday 4/3/2007 04:50 PM, Kenneth Crocker wrote:
>         Along with "ShowSavedSearches" you also have to grant 
> "ModifySelf". Also,I was only addressing a comment made about the 
> usefullness of the rights.

But the point is that granting these rights don't affect what saved 
searches you see - in order to see a group's saved searches, you have 
to be a member of the group. Which still leaves the question "what 
are the rights used for?". IN other words, if I grant someone 
ShowSavedSearches on my group (along with ModifySelf), what does that enable?


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