[rt-users] Strategy for users who like to send mail to RT and CC: lots of folks

chaim rieger chaim.rieger at gmail.com
Wed Apr 4 15:15:53 EDT 2007

Fran Fabrizio wrote:
> We have a handful of users who like to send mail to our RT helpdesk and
> at the same time CC: lots of other folks.  RT does a great job of adding
> the CC's to the ticket - but the problem is that users typically do a
> Reply All to the original email, which send another email into the
> helpdesk and opens a new ticket.  Wash, rinse, repeat five times and
> your ticket queue is clogged with a bunch of tickets on the same issue.
> Is there a strategy that people have found works for them?  I was
> thinking of just rejecting emails sent to the helpdesk that have also
> CC:ed someone else, but that doesn't seem very polite now does it?  :-) 
> I may be dreaming but maybe a plugin or similar for RT exists such that
> it would recognize an email as being part of the same email thread for
> which a ticket was already created?  Sounds too fancy but cool.  Anyway,
> other than better user brainwashing to not do this, are there some
> strategies I might employ to help here?
i had the same issue,

i created a queue (very generic, ops at rt.domain.com) and this queue will 
bcc a host of humans,
so my rt (this queue only) acts like a mailing list (semi) and traps the 
ticket as well and all correspondences.

i found it hard to train humans.

Chaim Rieger

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