AW: [rt-users] Really slow Search page startup suddenly

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Thu Apr 5 20:21:54 EDT 2007

Hi philip,

This I found also during the last months. If you open up the search page, he loads every time the whole list of priviledged uisers, in our case a list of 30.000 people. 

I'm not sure if this is needed, possibly a change at the querybuilder page can help, change the user drop down to a input field could help, but I didn't tried it till now.


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Strangely, our RT server has suddenly started being really slow loading up the search page and running searches - the same query is logged in the slow-log every time - any ideas:
# Time: 070405 16:01:56
# User at Host: rt_user[rt_user] @ localhost []
# Query_time: 38  Lock_time: 0  Rows_sent: 288  Rows_examined: 54167891
SELECT DISTINCT main.* FROM Users main , Principals Principals_1, CachedGroupMem
bers CachedGroupMembers_2, Groups Groups_3, ACL ACL_4  WHERE ((ACL_4.PrincipalTy
pe = Groups_3.Type)) AND ((ACL_4.RightName = 'OwnTicket')) AND ((CachedGroupMemb
ers_2.MemberId = AND (( = CachedGroupMembers_2.Grou
pId)) AND ((Principals_1.Disabled = '0')) AND ((Principals_1.PrincipalType = 'Us
er')) AND (( != '1')) AND (( = AND ((ACL
_4.ObjectType = 'RT::Queue') OR (ACL_4.ObjectType = 'RT::System')) AND ((Groups_
3.Domain = 'RT::Queue-Role') OR (Groups_3.Domain = 'RT::System-Role'))  ORDER BY
 main.RealName ASC;

Philip Kime
NOPS Systems Architect
310 401 0407
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