[rt-users] Migrate RT database when $rtname has changed

Fernando Frota Machado de Morais frota at cecom.ufmg.br
Mon Apr 9 07:45:52 EDT 2007

I did that last week: I migrate RT, RTFM and RTIR from one server to 
other (database and programs) and change RTname. I had problems because 
I tried to update RTIR. So, I decided to stay at 1.1.2.

You only need to change RT_SiteConfig.pm:

#Set($rtname , "CC-DRC"); <-- My old name
#Set($rtname , "CECOM");  <-- My new name
Set($rtname , "MyCorpHelpdesk"); <--- Your new name
#Set($EmailSubjectTagRegex, qr/\QCECOM\E|\QCC-DRC\E/i ); <--- works
#Set($EmailSubjectTagRegex, qr/\Q$rtname\E/i );  <-- Original line
#Set($EmailSubjectTagRegex, qr/(?:CECOM|CC\-DRC)/i );  <-- doesn't work
Set($EmailSubjectTagRegex, qr/\QMyCorpManage\E|\QMyCorpHelpdesk\E/i );
Set($Organization , "ufmg.br");   <---- don 't  change this line

Set($Timezone , 'Brazil/East');

Em Seg 09 Abr 2007, Pedro Santa escreveu:
> Hi all!
> Is it possible to migrate an RT database from one machine to another
> where $rtname is "MyCorpManager" on the source machine and i want it
> to be "MyCorpHelpdesk" on the destination?
> Could I just do an SQL dump and change all strings "MyCorpManager" to
> "MyCorpHelpdesk" of it?
> I know that the RT won't process replies to old tickets, but I found
> a way around for that. I just want to know if this process will blast
> my destination RT instance?
> Thanks in advance.
> Best regards.
> Pedro Machado Santa
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