[rt-users] Strange problem with simple search and SSL access

Michael Schrimshaw mschrimshaw at commpartners.us
Mon Apr 9 17:40:15 EDT 2007


I've a strange problem...we used to use mod_rewrite to change http to
https requests to RT when they came from a public interface.  Up until I
upgraded from RT 3.2x to 3.6.3, this worked just fine....seemed to me
that Apache was doing the hard work via the rewrite.  Now that I've
upgraded to 3.6.3, we have either an interesting problem
or I've missed something...or some combination of the two, or a bug.

When accessing via SSL and entering an alpha string in the text field -
for example, "LRN", this works fine and the search returns a list of
tickets containing string LRN.  Now, go back and instead of an alpha
string, enter just a number (ie, a ticket number) - this is where it
fails for me - the URL string is changing based on whether you're
searching for a text string or just a number - I can see where this
discrimination happens in the 
"share/html/Search/Simple.html" code:

>if ($q =~ /^(\d+)$/) {

But even when I remove/comment out and restart FCGI/Apache, same

Here are what the URL strings look like based on how/what is searched

search for "8334" via the default "Search" field in MyRT via
https://tickets.foo.us created this string:

whereas search for LRN starting from the same https://tickets.foo.us

Big difference....and on the wrong one, if you add an "s" to the
http://, it works just fine - somewhere, somehow, it seems to me that RT
is doing something silly :)

Any clues?


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