[rt-users] Strange problem with simple search and SSL access

Michael Schrimshaw mschrimshaw at commpartners.us
Wed Apr 11 16:51:25 EDT 2007

So, to answer my own question and to help anyone else that has this
issue in the future, in the RT/Interface/Web.pm Redirect sub, there is:


I commented this line out, and now my Apache mod_rewrite voodoo is
handling things just fine (forcing https when http requests come in).
If there's a more graceful way of doing this, I'd love to know :)



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> Subject: [rt-users] Strange problem with simple search and SSL access
> Hello,
> I've a strange problem...we used to use mod_rewrite to change 
> http to https requests to RT when they came from a public 
> interface.  Up until I upgraded from RT 3.2x to 3.6.3, this 
> worked just fine....seemed to me that Apache was doing the 
> hard work via the rewrite.  Now that I've upgraded to 3.6.3, 
> we have either an interesting problem or I've missed 
> something...or some combination of the two, or a bug.
> When accessing via SSL and entering an alpha string in the 
> text field - for example, "LRN", this works fine and the 
> search returns a list of tickets containing string LRN.  Now, 
> go back and instead of an alpha string, enter just a number 
> (ie, a ticket number) - this is where it fails for me - the 
> URL string is changing based on whether you're searching for 
> a text string or just a number - I can see where this 
> discrimination happens in the "share/html/Search/Simple.html" code:
> >
> >if ($q =~ /^(\d+)$/) {
> >
> RT::Interface::Web::Redirect($RT::WebURL."/Ticket/Display.html
> ?id=".$q);
> >}
> >
> But even when I remove/comment out and restart FCGI/Apache, 
> same problem....
> Here are what the URL strings look like based on how/what is searched
> for:
> search for "8334" via the default "Search" field in MyRT via 
> https://tickets.foo.us created this string:
> http://tickets.foo.us:443//Ticket/Display.html?id=8334
> whereas search for LRN starting from the same 
> https://tickets.foo.us created 
> https://tickets.foo.us/Search/Simple.html?q=LRN
> Big difference....and on the wrong one, if you add an "s" to 
> the http://, it works just fine - somewhere, somehow, it 
> seems to me that RT is doing something silly :)
> Any clues?
> Thanks!
> Mike
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