[rt-users] Newest Unowned Ticket rights?

Glenn E. Sieb ges at wingfoot.org
Thu Apr 12 14:55:27 EDT 2007

Glenn Sieb wrote:
> If there's more information needed, please let me know..

To further the chances of finding what I did wrong..

Queue A is for Groups B & C (where B is for admins of said queue, and C 
are for "helpers" or people who will be accessing said queue, working 

Global rights are as follows:

User Rights: "root" = "SuperUser"
  (no other User Rights granted)

Group Rights:  Everyone: CreateTicket ModifySelf
Privileged: AdminAllPersonalGroups AdminOwnPersonalGroups 
CreateSavedSearch DelegateRights EditSavedSearches LoadSavedSearch 
OwnTicket SeeGroup ShowSavedSearches Watch
Unprivileged: No rights granted.

Roles: No rights granted for any Roles.

User Defined Groups:

Group B: AdminAllPersonalGroups AdminCustomField AdminGroup 
AdminGroupMembership AdminOwnPersonalGroups AdminQueue 
AssignCustomFields CreateSavedSearch EditSavedSearches LoadSavedSearch 
ModifyCustomField ModifyOwnMembership ModifyQueueWatchers ModifyScrips 
ModifySelf ModifyTemplate ReplyToTicket SeeCustomField SeeGroup SeeQueue
ShowACL ShowConfigTab ShowOutgoingEmail ShowSavedSearches ShowScrips 
ShowTemplate StealTicket TakeTicket

Group C: AdminAllPersonalGroups AdminOwnPersonalGroups CommentOnTicket 
CreateSavedSearch CreateTicket DelegateRights  EditSavedSearches 
LoadSavedSearch ModifyCustomField SeeCustomField SeeGroup ShowACL 
ShowOutgoingEmail ShowSavedSearches ShowScrips ShowTemplate StealTicket 
TakeTicket Watch WatchAsAdminCc

Queue Rights for Queue A:

System Groups: No rights granted.

Roles: No rights granted.

Group A: AdminQueue AssignCustomFields DeleteTicket ModifyACL 
ModifyQueueWatchers  ModifyScrips ModifyTemplate WatchAsAdminCc

Group B: CommentOnTicket CreateTicket ModifyTicket OwnTicket 
ReplyToTicket SeeQueue ShowACL ShowOutgoingEmail ShowScrips ShowTemplate 
ShowTicket ShowTicketComments StealTicket TakeTicket Watch

All the different levels of rights have always thrown me for a bit of a 
loop. Rights Matrix helps, but it's not going to point out exactly what 
I fsck'd up here. :) Second (third/fourth) pairs of eyes are always welcome.

To refresh: The "Newest Unowned Tickets" list is visible, but none of 
the tickets listed there are clickable. If, however, you go under "Quick 
Search" they are.

Running RT 3.6.3, FreeBSD 4.11-Release, Apache 2.0.59, FastCGI...

Thanks again, in advance.. :)


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