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Nick Metrowsky nmetrowsky at digitalglobe.com
Thu Apr 12 18:07:04 EDT 2007

Hi Everyone,


We have a Request Tracker set up with over 20 queues. Those who can log
into Request Tracker can "see" the queues and view tickets in any queue;
however, folks generally work on tickets within their particular queue.
Also, those who have permission, can update tickets accordingly in the
queue they are assigned.


We have a request from one of our users to have their queue set up in
such a way, so no one can "see" their queue, except those who are
responsible for their queue. We have a situation where by our IS
department uses 13 queues for the various function areas, and the users
of these queues have the right to view tickets in any of the IS queues
and freely move tickets between the IS queues. Therefore, they need to
see other queues in order to perform their job functions. Sometimes a
ticket, though rarely, is directed to other company queues, for example,
power requests to our facilities deprtment.


Is there a way to set things up so the new queue is invisible to our
other users, but we still can retain the functionality we have today?


One solution was to allow all IS groups to access each of the IS queues,
unfortunately, it has an undesirable affect of displaying all the IS
queues under the "newest unowned ticket" area on the "RT at a glance"
display. Our queue managers only want to see tickets which belong to
their particular queue on this display. 


Another solution, though undesirable, is to set up a separate Request
Tracker environment for this group. This has a few issues:


1.	The expense to set up and maintain a separate Request Tracker
2.	The volume of tickets is expected to be less than 20 tickets per


If anyone has another idea that would not be too nasty to implement,
please let me know.


Any ideas would be most welcome.





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