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Nick Metrowsky nmetrowsky at digitalglobe.com
Thu Apr 12 18:53:11 EDT 2007

Hi Toan,

Thank you for the reply. Just curious, because it is not really
documented anywhere, what does "SeeQueue" do? Does it allow you to see
one queue or all queues? I have to play a bit more with permissions, so
if anyone knows where they are defined and what they actually do that
will be great.


PS Our folks really did not want to deal with saved searched for the
"newest unknown tickets". 

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> Is there a way to set things up so the new queue is invisible to our 
> other users, but we still can retain the functionality we have today?

In RT-3.6.x the different roles can be given ACL's to "See Queue" so 
only Owners etc would have the queue visible.

> One solution was to allow all IS groups to access each of the IS
> unfortunately, it has an undesirable affect of displaying all the IS 
> queues under the "newest unowned ticket" area on the "RT at a glance" 
> display. Our queue managers only want to see tickets which belong to 
> their particular queue on this display.

You could remove the "newest unowned ticket search" from the homepage 
and add custom searches on relevant queues instead. (RT-3.6.x)


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