[rt-users] Strange problem with simple search and SSL access

Mike Friedman mikef at ack.berkeley.edu
Fri Apr 13 11:30:43 EDT 2007

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On Wed, 11 Apr 2007 at 13:51 (-0700), Michael Schrimshaw wrote:

> So, to answer my own question and to help anyone else that has this 
> issue in the future, in the RT/Interface/Web.pm Redirect sub, there is:
> $uri->port($ENV{'SERVER_PORT'});
> I commented this line out, and now my Apache mod_rewrite voodoo is 
> handling things just fine (forcing https when http requests come in). If 
> there's a more graceful way of doing this, I'd love to know :)



It turns out that my problem (described in earlier postings), whereby 
Firefox returned an error popup when I tried a simple search, also is 
fixed when I comment out the above line.

I suspect that what our problems have in common (though the symptoms are 
quite different) is that RT code is making assumptions about the value of 
$ENV{'SERVER_PORT'} that are not always valid.

In particular, I'm running RT in a 'virtual private server' that sits 
behind a web proxy server which is actually hosting the RT URL. I guess 
the value of the environment variable 'SERVER_PORT' on the 'inner' apache 
(that's actually running RT) is being set to 80 even though the external 
proxy is receiving connections on 443.  In fact, my RT session cookie 
still has an '80' in it.  But setting $uri->port to that value is not 
going to be right since that's not the port on which the connection is 
taking place.

Anyway, when I comment out the above line, simple search works.  Firefox 
no longer puts up the pop-up message and Opera no longer hangs, but 
produces the correct result.

Now, like you, I can't help but feel that there's a more 'proper' solution 
to this than just removing that line of code.  Perhaps the setting of 
SERVER_PORT needs to be done differently via some configuration option. 
But this is mere speculation.

Also, I notice that the affected code does not appear in earlier versions 
of RT, at least not 3.4.2 or 3.4.5, both of which systems I've been 
supporting without this problem.

Thanks again.


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