[rt-users] Collapsed View of Ticket?

D.J.Rickard at brighton.ac.uk D.J.Rickard at brighton.ac.uk
Thu Apr 19 10:31:30 EDT 2007

Ken, no - no robots here! (well, maybe a few...)

Maybe I have got the description wrong, what I am looking for is to
condense the view so that what you see is a summary of the transactions
on a ticket then you can "show" the details.  This would make it easy to
scan the whole ticket just reading the items that interest you.  I would
also want it to be toggled on/off for the times you want to read the
whole ticket.  It just makes it easy to get an overview of what has
happened on a ticket rather than trawling through potentially long
entries, such as log files and so on,

I was looking at the way the automatic entries for emails are displayed,
so the collapsed entry would need the subject line to have been entered
meaningfully rather than accepting the default, or maybe to show a
"transaction type" custom field instead, so a ticket would look like

[Heading details.....]

# date, time   djr - Ticket created

# date, time   djr - investigated                                [show]
# date, time   RT  - email sent                                  [show]
# date, time   abc - note                                        [show]
# date, time   djr - change applied                              [show]
# date, time   RT  - email sent                                  [show]
# date, time   djr - resolved

In the first instance I was just looking for the overview style of
ticket display.

Maybe the toggles you say you have in use would be what I need?

David Rickard

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What is the use case for this? The transaction headers without the
content seems to be not very useful. That means that everyone will
be clicking the "show" button for transaction content after transaction
content. I can assure you that unless you are fortunate enough to have
robotic automatons as your users who can be programatically trained,
you will need to routinely look at far more that just the headers.
That being said, we have setup a couple of toggles that control the
verbosity of the ticket display, but without your use-case it is hard
to determine if these changes would be applicable.


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