[rt-users] relogin necessary when new queue was created

Stephan Uhlmann su at inubit.com
Thu Apr 19 13:02:33 EDT 2007

On Thursday, 19. April 2007 18:00, Jesse Vincent wrote:
> RT caches this information per session (Though, I believe only for the
> new-ticket-in dropdown). One option would be to update
> html/Elements/SelectQueue to use a timed cache rather than a session one.

Thanks for the info, Jesse.

Would it be possible to write a script which just removes the queue-caches 
from all session data? Then I could trigger that, each time I add a new 

If that's not a good idea, how much would performance be decreased if I 
disable caching in the SelectQueue entirely?

And who could help me implementing a solution for that? I don't know if its 
feasible to pay for development, but I'll ask my management.


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