[rt-users] DBIx::Searchbuilder issue

Joop van de Wege JoopvandeWege at mococo.nl
Fri Apr 20 09:09:21 EDT 2007

Justin Brodley wrote:
> We just got our oracle box working and I’ve gotten RT installed and all 
> the modules.  I had some inititial difficulty with DBD::Oracle but 
> finally got “make test” to complete without failures. But I’m still 
> getting the attached errors in my apache logs from DBIx::Searchbuilder. 
> I searched the mailing list archives and saw mention that this is 
> normally a problem with DBD::Oracle not being installed correctly.  Are 
> there other reasons I could be getting these errors or should I keep 
> looking at DBD::Oracle.
> I’ve also modified my ld.so.conf and suexec as recommended by person in 
> the archives with no luck.
My guess is that the webserver owner doesn't know where to find the 
Oracle libraries. This usually means that ORACLE_HOME is not set.
One thing you could try is to sudo to your webserver user and see if you 
can start sqlplus and connect to Oracle.


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