[rt-users] RTGUI, a Graphical User Interface for Best Practical's Request Tracker

Stephen Turner sturner at MIT.EDU
Fri Apr 20 09:51:38 EDT 2007

At Friday 4/20/2007 09:15 AM, Torbjørn Moen wrote:

>By "stand alone application" I mean an 
>application that you start on your computer and not a web interface.
>I'll take a look on the REST interface either at 
>work or when I get home, but it sounds 
>interesting. My only concern is whether it will 
>be able to get all the information that we need 
>in an OK way. I would say my first concern 
>regarding this is queue handling and updating 
>the view of tickets in main window.

Hi Torbjørn,

You should definitely replace the direct database 
access with RT API calls. For one thing, not 
everyone uses mysql with RT, so building that dependency in is a problem.

But more importantly, even if you abstract the 
database interface, it's not just acls that 
you're bypassing by going directly to the 
database - it's the whole "business" logic built 
into RT. To make a usable app, you're going to 
have to replicate RT in your app. When RT 
changes, you're app will likely break and you'll 
have to replicate the RT changes in your app. 
It's not really a sustainable approach.


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