[rt-users] RT::Client Atom API client usage

Salih Gönüllü salih at ip-plus.net
Mon Apr 23 06:17:56 EDT 2007

Hi all,

I am having  problems getting Ticket object out of the Atom interface,
with the error:

Can't locate object method "_init_entries" via package
"RT::Client::Object" at
/var/tmp/RT-Client-0.01/t/../lib/RT/Client/Base.pm line 43.

I am able to browse to https://localhost/rt/Atom/0.3/RT-Tickets/1
and see the ticket details.

RT::Client: 0.01 (CPAN)
RT::Atom 0.03
XML::Atom 0.25
Spiffy 0.30

Am I missing something ??
Thanks in advance for any help.

Here are RT::Client tests results against my server

prove -v -l lib t/1-procedural.t
ok 1 - use RT::Client;
ok 2 - Client isa RT::Client
ok 3 - ->describe($uri) isa RT::Client::Container
ok 4 - Tickets has a URI: https://localhost:443/rt/Atom/0.3/RT-Tickets
ok 5 - ->describe(URI => $uri) isa RT::Client::Container
ok 6 - Nothing bad had happened yet
ok 7 - Status code is 200
ok 8 - Adding an empty ticket shall fail
ok 9 - Status code is 400
ok 10 - Error message is in ->errstr: Could not create ticket. Queue not set

Can't locate object method "_init_entries" via package
"RT::Client::Object" at
/var/tmp/RT-Client-0.01/t/../lib/RT/Client/Base.pm line 43.
 at /var/tmp/RT-Client-0.01/t/../lib/RT/Client/Base.pm line 43
'URI', 'URI::https=SCALAR(0x8b2fa24)', 'Stream', 'SCALAR(0x8c22424)',
'Client', 'RT::Client=HASH(0x8b06514)') called at
/usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.8.8/XML/Atom/Base.pm line 16
        XML::Atom::Base::new('RT::Client::Object', 'URI',
'URI::https=SCALAR(0x8b2fa24)', 'Stream', 'SCALAR(0x8c22424)', 'Client',
'RT::Client=HASH(0x8b06514)') called at
/var/tmp/RT-Client-0.01/t/../lib/RT/Client/Base.pm line 26
        RT::Client::Base::new('RT::Client::Object', 'Client',
'RT::Client=HASH(0x8b06514)', 'Stream', 'SCALAR(0x8c22424)', 'URI',
'URI::https=SCALAR(0x8b2fa24)') called at
/var/tmp/RT-Client-0.01/t/../lib/RT/Client.pm line 140
'HTTP::Response=HASH(0x8c21a04)') called at
/var/tmp/RT-Client-0.01/t/../lib/RT/Client.pm line 158
'/rt/Atom/0.3/RT-Tickets/5') called at
/var/tmp/RT-Client-0.01/t/../lib/RT/Client/Container.pm line 21
'Subject', 'Testing', 'Queue', 1) called at
/var/tmp/RT-Client-0.01/t/../lib/RT/Client.pm line 195
        RT::Client::add('RT::Client=HASH(0x8b06514)', 'Tickets',
'Queue', 1, 'Subject', 'Testing') called at t/1-procedural.t line 44
# Looks like you planned 69 tests but only ran 10.



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