[rt-users] Scrips and Custom fields values

Silvana.Giberti at esa.int Silvana.Giberti at esa.int
Mon Apr 23 11:19:02 EDT 2007

I'm still having problems with scrips modifying some custom field values.

I have 2 custom fields created at ticket creation time, and 2 others to be 
updated whenever one of the other two change value. This is done by 
several scrips, 2 running at ticket creation and the others running when 
one of the 2 initial custom field is updated.

Sometimes it happens that one of the other 2 custom fields is updated 
twice by the third scrip, a first time with the right value, and a second 
time instead with the value the custom field had before, with the final 
effect that the value never changes.

I've been trying many different changes, and also to recreate the cf and 
the scrips into a different installation of RT, with the only effect that 
the behaviour is the opposite: if with the first installation the third 
custom field is always right and the fourth one never changes, with the 
second installation the situation is the opposite, that is, the third 
never changes and the fourth is ok.

Comparing the 2 cases in RT log file, it looks like there's an extra 
transaction firing after the update of the wrong custom field, but I can't 
tell what it does.

All custom fields are defined global for tickets in all queues.

Does anyone have an idea of what to do to fix this problem?

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